Golf Club Fitting & Club Repair



The wrong shaft can lead to lost accuracy, lost distance and lost strokes.

Jim has the ideal setup to make sure that you have the right shafts for your clubs.

He works with every major shaft manufacturer and can reshaft almost any golf club ever made.

His goal is to find a shaft with the optimum combination of bend profile, flex, weight and torque, which delivers the clubhead into the ideal position at impact for maximum power and accuracy.

There are 2 parts to any good reshafting job:

    1: Choosing the correct shaft

    2: Installing the shaft in the correct way

The best shaft in the world is still going to be difficult to hit if it's installed improperly, and even proper installation of the wrong shaft will cause you lost strokes.



Grips harden and become slippery as they age and wear out.

Worn grips do not give you the opportunity to play your best.

Grips that are worn may slip in your hands, which requires you to grip tighter and can promote forearm fatigue and poor tempo.

A fresh grip lets you hold the club lightly without fear of losing the club during your swing.

This relaxed state promotes better swing mechanics and wrist action.

The correct grip size allows you to set the club properly at the top of the backswing.

A grip that is too small can cause the club face to close and lead to a hook.

A grip that is too large can cause the club face to open at impact, resulting in a slice.

Different grip materials and textures offer a variety of feels to fit your individual tastes.

Perhaps you prefer a softer or tackier grip, or the extra traction you get with a cord grip.

Jim can customize your clubs with the feel and performance characteristics your game needs for added confidence in every shot.

Jim offers a wide selection of grips to make sure that you get the type and size that's right for you.


Loft & Lie

Jim will measure and adjust loft and lie for your irons.

Loft and Lie can be one of the most important elements in accurate distance control and directional control of your irons.

If you have been hitting your 6 iron and 7 iron the same distance it could be because the lofts are the same.

If you hit some irons to the left and some to the right, it may not be your swing, let Jim have your lies checked.

It might be the best investment you’ve made in a long time to insure accurate iron shots.

Do you pull your wedges to the left all the time? Maybe they are too upright?